Reliance Jio Coin ICO Fake Websites

Jio Coin ICO Fake Websites | How To Buy Jio Coin Online? – Are you planning to buy a Jio coin? Well, you should better watch your steps before filling any of your information on such fake websites. Here we’ll discuss how the Jio Coin fake websites can harm you and your money.

Jio Coin Launch Date by Mukesh Ambani

When the Plan of Jio Coin was officially announced by Mukesh Ambani. The people impatiently waiting for the official launch date because of the investing in the same.

Bright Future Of Jio Coin?

The Jio gave a huge boost to the Reliance Telecom when they launched and introduce JIO to the Indian people. Their main aim was to serve and give the better Internet power to the Indian people and that is the main reason for success behind the JIO.

Jio Coin ICO Fake Websites – Stay Away!

Well, Before the official launch, The Spammers have already built some of their fake websites where they claim to sell the Jio Coin for 100 Rupees.

The URL of fake Jio Coin website is –

When we have opened this website, we found that the spammers have tried built up the look and feel of the website like the official, by using the official Reliance logo which is the parent organisation of JIO, The Name of the website and a lot more.

Does This Website Still Exist?

No, in current time, the website is not running anymore. Maybee someone has taken a strict action on the same.

We highly recommend you to stay away from such spam websites (If you want to buy Jio Coin) and kindly wait till the officials launch their own website or application to buy one.

Keep checking our portal for more info.

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