Jio Coin Official App?

Jio Coin Official App? We know that the Jio Coin will launch soon but with this news, many of the investors have impatiently waiting to know from where they can buy the Newly announced cryptocurrency of reliance Jio called Jio Coin.

Here on this article, we’ll discuss How To Buy and How Not To Buy Jio Coins OR did Reliance Jio is preparing a dedicated application for their Jio Coin? Keep reading this article until the end for a brief and in-depth review of this newly launched cryptocurrency.

From Where I Can Buy Jio Coin?

This has become a major question that every person wants to know, whether they are a professional investor or a not so professional investor. Well, let us tell you that in the press meeting that was held in which Mukesh Ambani has announced their idea of the Jio Coin, They didn’t announce or revealed that how the investors can buy a jio coin.

Buy Jio Coin From My Jio App?

There are many rumours are coming that the Reliance Jio can sell their Jio Coins on My Jio App, which is currently the official application of Reliance Jio. The information that we have taken from the different sources, we have discovered that the Jio can be surely working on their new application which can be dedicated to their Jio Coin. In which they’ll set up more security as it can be a source to buy Jio Coin Using Mobile in which you can also check the Latest Price of Jio Coin & more.
Please Note: It is not an official update, It is just an expectation and rumours that can happen.

Registration Process In Jio Coin App?

If the Jio releases their official application to buy Jio Coin, There must be a registration process that you can have to complete in order to buy Jio Coin.
Note: Again, this is not the official release. It is just an expectation and rumours that can happen.

The Jio Coin App Registration Process Can Be Like This:

  1. The first step can be downloading the application of Jio Coin.
  2. Then, You can start the registration process so that you can be eligible to buy one.
  3. After installing, The process can be start by submitting your PAN Card Number & your Aadhar Card Number.
  4. Then it can be done after you linked your bank account and get the approval.
  5. After verification, You can be eligible to buy Jio Coins in Jio Coin ICO.

This is an expectation of the steps that can happen, We recommend you to keep checking our portal time to time so that you can get the brief information whenever the official updates release.

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